Building Strategies for Growth

Planning is everything; Plans are nothing.
-President Dwight D. Eisenhower

Someone once asked us what we really do. Humorously we answered, "make our clients a lot of money."

It's true. That's what marketing is for, not just cool design, not just fun copy and concepts. When done properly and with élan, marketing and advertising bring products, services, institutions, and ideas, to the marketplace successfully and everyone wins.

Tim Kenney Marketing (TKM) has always been comfortable with change, whether technological, stylistic, or philosophical.

Success in our fast-changing profession demands it. Since our early acquisition of computers in 1988 to our rapid acquisition of new media skills our adoption of focused, internal training strategies and aggressive new business strategies has paid off. We have successfully weathered two recessions and a plunge in the high-tech sector. As we find ourselves in a new recession and reeling from a national disaster we are confident that now, as in the past, we will only emerge stronger, leaner and more successful than ever. And that goes for our clients as well.

20 years ago, our business base as a graphic design firm was print advertising, corporate identity, publications, and magazine design and production. Today,TKM leads the list of Washington-based marketing communication firms that build integrated marketing campaigns for some of America's largest corporations: MCI, Microsoft, IBM, Gannett, NASDAQ and other Fortune 500 companies lead the list, along with the Smithsonian Institution and other similar organizations. The work we do for them is a far cry from our original business base. More fun, more complex, more satisfying, more far-reaching, and more successful.

Most importantly, a sea change has occured in the TKM business skill set. No longer simply a graphic design firm, we have evolved into a true marketing communications firm for which graphic design, advertising, new media, television and collateral are simply venues for marketing messages.

This has come about by the adoption of protocols that are found only in strategic marketing methodologies.That is: a first concern with target audience, a sound sense of how business is practiced, an understanding of how to take complex messages and simplify them to their essence, and a thorough understanding of how convergent media, channel integration and integrated marketing really work.

Thanks for listening. Stay tuned for more.