Posters/ Displays

We can help you make a statement in a big way, with concepts, design and execution of your next trade show exhibit, wall display or special event or project poster.


National Building Museum Poster

National Building Museum Poster

A poster created for the National Building Museum

Deutsche Post Display

Mobile Media Banner

A banner created for Mobile Media.

Deutsche Post Display

Deutsche Post exhibit display

A display created for the Deutsche Post for the Global Internet Summit,
March 05 2001.

Morino Wall Poster

Morino Wall poster

The wall, 18' x 9', was created to thank the visionaries and those who contributed to help make 11600 Sunrise the ground zero of the new economy.

Smart Card Display

Smart Card displays

The posters are located in the GSA building to increase awareness of the Smart Card Technology Center.

Share Media Tradeshow

Share Media trade show

The branding campaign consisted of logo development, stationery, brochure and web site. Here the design is applied to two 10-foot by 20-foot displays which can be used in tandem or at separate shows.

Planet GSA tradeshow display

Planet GSA trade show display

The U.S. General Services Administration came to tkm2 to create a campaign to promote environmental use among government employees for Earth Day 2000. This campaign included the development of a logo, folder/brochure/poster package, insert sheets, pocket brochure, exhibit display, postcard, Official Earth Fair 2000 passport advertisement, certificate of appreciation and tabletop exhibit.

Metro Teens Aids Poster

Metro Teen Aids poster

Targeting inner-city middle schools, this poster lets them know there are people who care and can help if you are HIV positive. It was chosen from 40 others in a local pro-bono design competition.

Unitel Posters posters

This company liked the Morino posters so much that they wanted to create the same for their call centers. The posters were designed to boost moral and enthusiasm for employees.

Morino Group Posters

Morino Group

In order to tell the story and the vision of the Morino Institute, we decided to design several exhibition, museum style graphic installations that speak about the institute’s philosophy, values and success stories.

NDCA poster

NDCA poster

Watch movie

Created for the National Desktop Color Alliance, this poster was designed for point of purchase and direct mail. View our QuickTime movie to see how it unfolds. Animation created by John Wuillez.

Coca-Cola poster

Coca-Cola poster

This poster was part of a relationship marketing campaign to remind Coke fountain suppliers of the power of the Coke trademark.

Educated are free poster

Paul Berry Academic Scholarship Foundation poster

Pro bono piece to create awareness of the educational needs of urban children.

Hexagon poster

Hexagon poster

Hexagon is Washington DC's only amateur, political, satirical, musical comedy revue. Every year the show donates its proceeds to charity.

Educated are free poster

Desire poster

Tim Kenney Design Partners self promotional piece.

Red Sea poster

NOAA poster

The Red Sea Marine Peace Park is a joint project between Jordan, Israel, and the United States to establish an underwater coral reef preserve.

EarthCare poster

Earth Day '95 poster

This poster, when folded, formed the portfolio containing information for companies who expressed interest in exhibiting at the EarthCare Exposition on Earth Day 1995.


ProXeed trade show display

TKMP developed all branding assets: name, position statement, positioning line, qualitative research, packaging, inserts, physician marketing materials, consumer marketing materials, trade show materials, medical education materials, advertising and web site. We developed and monitored the research and recommended the media strategy for all advertising.

Proxceed Display

Carnitor trade show display

The Carnitor display unit was designed for use by the sales team.