Interactive/ Multimedia

We can take your company further with interactive presentations. They can be used as sales aids, employee training, investor presentations and in trade shows or exhibitions. Here are some examples we created, wrote, designed and produced.


Mastercraft annual report Aurora


Aurora 2001 Fire in the Sky is an evening-length work of dance, music and visual presentation. The work premiered in the U.S. February 15 & 16, 2001, and combines the latest in scientific knowledge and technology with mythology through movement, sound and visual installation. This is a Flash promotion announcing the new web site which is still under construction. (1.8Mb)

Mastercraft annual report Consumer Dynamics

Consumer Dynamics

The Consumer Dynamics interactive multimedia presentation was created to introduce their products, services and general information about the company to current and potential clients and investors. The presentation was designed to show on a lap top in face to face meetings and was duplicated as mini business card shaped CD’s to mail for promotion. (1.4Mb)

Watson Wyatt

Watson Wyatt Demographics and Destiny

Watson Wyatt account managers use the Demographics & Destiny interactive multimedia sales tool to aid in educating and selling the company's workforce management solutions to their clients. (1.8Mb)

ecp animation


This gateway demo was created for trade show use for Enterprise Consulting Partners. The goal was to catch people’s attention while passing by and to introduce the software. (100k)

Cybermark intro


Cybermark came to us looking for a way to attract merchants, sponsors and students. The splash page was designed as an eye-catching welcome to the web site, as well as for an email advertisement sent out to this diverse audience. (188k)


The branding campaign for Ensuredmail included the development of a logo, stationery, web site and user interface. (100k)

Wealth$im Menu Screen


Financial web simulation designed and developed for Powersim.

Bank One Menu Screen

Bank One


Ifen2 Menu Screen

Ifen2 Interface

The Interactive Flights Technologies IFEN 2 demo was used at trade shows as a mockup interactive show. (2.8Mb)


Worldview Prototype

Software user interface. (3.4Mb)

Carnival main menu screen

Carnival Cruise Lines

This interface design for stateroom interactive video terminals, invites cruise passengers to sign up for tours, expeditions, and special events. (476k)

MCI Network Ranger interface

MCI Network Ranger software interface

Originally designed as an interface for a stand-alone software application, this look is currently being adapted for use on the World Wide Web.

IBM NewsTicker interface

IBM NewsTicker software interface

Check out our sketches and animated mockups of the interface redesign.