Tim Kenney Marketing

Profeed Retail Store Branding and Marketing

Who doesn't like warm and fuzzy?
Above, in Pro Feed's website, we incorporated the artisanal look and feel from the logo we'd designed,
in order to represent the quality of Pro Feed's brand.

The Pro Feed Pet Nutrition retail stores owner wanted to take his successful high end, high quality pet nutrition business to franchise. He recognized that he would need a better brand design to do so. Since the quality of product and customer services is right up there with Balducci's, Anthropologie, and Starbucks, we felt that the brand should reflect the 'artisanal' quality and old fashioned values of the ownership. When Pro Feed added a new store location, we provided consultation on their desired location, the interior design and setup of the new store. We also consulted on interior purchasing, like lighting, shelving, counter materials and flooring. We helped them move away from competitors, and look more like the high-end "boutique" style customer experience Pro Feed offers.

Business Card

Tim Kenney Marketing designed employee tees for the Caribbean Plate Restaurant

We used the same artisanal design concept
in Pro Feed's business card, and delivered
a high quality printed card on extra heavy stock
for that "thud factor."

Pro Feed's business card creates an immediate impression of craft, quality and kindness. this store ain't your typical "big box" discount pet center, and their success shows that consumers are willing and wanting to purchase the best for their pet "family members."

Store Opening Announcement Postcard


Pro Feed has done so well, they've been able to expand into franchising and added more store locations. They came back to Tim Kenney Marketing and asked us to create an announcement card to promote the opening of a new store in Alexandria.




Bag Stuffer Thank You Card, with appeal to positive Google reviews.