Tim Kenney Marketing

Caribbean Plate Restaurant Concept Design and Branding

Architectural and Interior Design were part of the branding process.


Above, our interior design reflects the bright, friendly colors of the Caribbean.
A tropical aquarium forms the visual centerpiece to the restaurant.

Chef Paul Fario came to us with a very interesting new restaurant concept derived from the cuisine of the large geographical feature known as the Caribbean plate. He wanted very high quality food served in a fun, fast casual setting. We not only were able to design the logo, branding materials, clothing and merchandising, but the interior of the restaurant as well in collaboration with a very talented restaurant architect, Chuck Heath.

Managers are given dark blue polo shirts to distinguish them from staff, who wear a bright orange T-shirt with the phrase, "Real Fruit. Bigger straw" on the back to emphasize that his smoothies are made from real fruit, not syrup, as 99% of other restaurants serve.

Humor is part of the messaging campaign. The bag says: "Yes, this bag is made of paper. Not because we want you to recycle it and contribute to a greener, kinder planet, but because we see it as flamboyantly self-serving advertising for our simply great food."

The cup says, "Freshly pressed! Now about those pants."

Tim Kenney Marketing designed employee tees for the Caribbean Plate Restaurant


To create the sense that you are in the Caribbean, we designed a 30 foot mural featuring a giant parrot and a beach scene.

Packaging and Merchandising were also part of this corporate identity project.

Beach Scene Mural for Caribbean Plate Mural design by Tim Kenney Marketing